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The space

LG is a scene for visual artists who seek to communicate their artistic creation to the public and thus be an active participant in Icelandic contemporary art. We emphasize on visual art and seek to create a dialogue between Icelandic and foreign artists and art lovers, thereby increasing the diversity of Icelandic art and culture. Our policy is to host regular arts and cultural events on a professional assumption and the space is run on a non-profit basis.


LG is an artist-oriented space that gives artists the opportunity to exhibit their work and open up a conversation in an exciting and progressive space where the artist receives the following support against an exhibition fee of 45.000 ISK. which is to meet operating costs of the space.

- Curator and Installation assistance

- Design of graphic layout and promotional material

- FB event, event for town Hafnarfjordur and SÍM if applicable

- Presentation on the website and social media

- Installation and printing of exhibition overview and price      list

- Invitation card sent to LG's guest list

- In the case of a sales exhibition, the sale goes through the    artist and no sales commission is taken

Location of space

The space as an interesting and progressive option for exhibitions. We believe that Hafnarfjörður can create a unique position in the field of Icelandic contemporary art and our vision is that Hafnarfjörður will be a sought-after destination for artists and art lovers in the coming years. Through artistic initiative, we place our weight on the scales to make this vision a reality and at the same time take part in creating cultural value.


Gallery director: Elvar Gunnarsson


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